International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists "Claviarium"

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2nd International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists "Claviarium" - Details - Piano Competitions | Bakitone

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2nd International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists "Claviarium"

April 21 - 25, 2012 in Moscow, Russia


18 - 35


March 20, 2012


Grand Amateurs

1st Prize:RUB 55,000
2nd Prize:RUB 45,000
3rd Prize:RUB 35,000


1st Prize:RUB 50,000
2nd Prize:RUB 40,000
3rd Prize:RUB 30,000

Additional info:

The competition is for amateur pianists only.

There are two categories:

Amateurs - participants without Bachelor or Masters diploma in music.

Grand Amateurs - participants with Bachelor or unfinished Masters diploma in music.

Competition provides:
Accommodation to active participants


National Research University — Higher School of Economics
Cultural Centre
5a Vorontsovo pole
109028 Moscow, Russia

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Official website




First Round (10 - 15 minutes)

Free program

Final (15 - 25 minutes)

Free program

Grand Amateurs

First Round (15 - 25 minutes)

Free program

Final (25 - 40 minutes)

Free program

Participants will perform on a Steinway grand piano provided by "Steinway & Sons"

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2nd International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists "Claviarium" - Details - Piano Competitions | Bakitone

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