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Semi-finalists selected for WIC

March 26, 2011

The seventeen semi-finalists of the 58th Annual Washington International Competition for Piano have been chosen from hundreds of outstanding applicants from every populated continent. The unprecedented number of applicants necessitated many more days of intense listening. Due to the excellence of these pianists, the standards for selection were extremely high, making the job of the judges interesting yet very challenging. Here is the roster of semi-finalists as follows:

  • Moye Chen, China
  • JiYeon Shin, South Korea
  • Diyi Tang, China
  • Jung-Eun Lee, South Korea
  • Yejin Noh, South Korea
  • Jee In Hwang, South Korea
  • Anna Bulkina, Russia
  • Jin Uk Kim, South Korea
  • Guranda Gabelaia, Georgia
  • Eunyoung Choi, South Korea
  • Sejoon Park, United States
  • Christopher Miranda, Canada
  • Yoonjung Han, South Korea
  • Anna Shelest, United States
  • Ekaterina Verbovskaya, Russia
  • Sangwon Kim, South Korea
  • Fanny Azzuro, France

The semi-finals and finals are free and open to the public. The semis will take place at the Benjamin T. Rome Hall of the George Washington University on May 27, 2011. The finals will take place on May 28 at the Terrace Theater of the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

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