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"It is a beautiful, clean site, and we’re happy to be a part of this."

Doris Mattingly, Chair
Washington Int. Competition

Competition Profile

Every competition listed on has its own profile. When you subscribe for Bakitone Membership you will automatically connect with your existing competition profile or will create a new one for your event. And it can easily be done in a matter of minutes.

Your Competition Profile allows you to include all information about your competition such as program, prizes, contact details and more. You can enrich it with the history of your competition in the About section, listing jury members, and even compile a list of winners for any year of the competition. To spice it up, you can upload photos and videos as well.

Another great feature in your profile is the "Apply" button. When prospective participants learn everything about your competition, they can click the "Apply" button to go directly to an application form on your competition website. All you need to do is just to enter the address of a form in your profile.

Once you list a program, your competition will receive a difficulty rating. This is partially based on: number and length of rounds; free program or required works; overall difficulty of the repertoire. Performing with an orchestra or learning a compulsory new work are taken into account as well. On top of that, we may receive opinions of professors and concert artists with whom we contact and interview regarding the difficulty of a competition.

You can also try our membership for free! You can upgrade it at a later time or keep it as long as you like. Even though it is limited to where and when a competition takes place, its age requirements, and the date of application deadline, it is still a useful introduction to Bakitone.

Hot News

The main purpose of using the Hot News section is to give visitors insightful and useful information about your competition. You don’t have to be an experienced correspondent or an accomplished writer to produce a short and interesting story. But simply producing a news story doesn’t end there. It should be informative rather than promotional; it could even be educational and encouraging. Whatever story you come up with should lead to learning and awareness in a constructive manner.

Global Audience

Based on our regular traffic analysis and a six-month large-scale study designed to gain a thorough understanding of our audience, we conclude that the site has attracted mostly young and motivated classical musicians from over 150 countries! Its audience has increased by 136% compared to the previous year and reached over 400,000 worldwide. For detailed information on our traffic, you may wish to visit our Statistics page in the About section.

We collect our information from a number of sources such as Google Analytics, sign-up forms we receive from registered musicians on Bakitone, emails we regularly get from musicians, our Facebook fans, and other statistical tools we use.


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