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PianoTexas International Academy and Festival

June 07 - July 01, 2012 in Fort Worth TX, USA


February 22, 2012


PERFORMERS - $1,500:
Open to all pianists born after July 1, 1983. Each Young Artist will be allocated to play in three master classes, each with a different guest artist. A minimum of four works of substantial length and importance should be submitted with application.

All performing applicants must submit at least one sonata by Beethoven in their repertoire list.

Each Young Artists performer will receive three 50-minute private lessons. These private lessons are best suited for the discussion of personal musical and technical matters in detail. The repertoire presented in private lessons is entirely free choice and need not be submitted beforehand nor played from memory. The Executive Director is responsible for the allocation of all private lessons and his decisions are final. Additional private lessons may be possible at an additional cost and depending on the availability of the guest artists.

In addition to the master classes and private lessons, Young Artists are encouraged to participate in Chamber Music Program, which includes Rehearsals, Coachings, Master Classes and Performances with special guest Robert McDonald. Repertoire: Beethoven - Violin and Cello Sonatas and Piano Trios.

There is no age limit in this category and all pianists are welcome to apply. Active Observers will receive three private lessons and they may perform in one of the recital sessions upon the recommendation of the artist/teacher.

Practically everyone is welcome to attend, whether for part or the entire duration of the program. They have access to all events listed on the schedule within the duration of their enrollment. General Observers may also approach any artist/teacher of their choice for private lessons at an additional cost.


PianoTexas will utilize a TCU dormitory that is newly renovated and offers spacious bedrooms with semi-private baths, comfortable lounge areas, a large common kitchen and on-site laundry facilities. Each room is equipped with its own mini-refrigerator and small microwave.

$65 per night is the rate for a single room and includes linens and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the on-campus University Union.

$55 per night is for those participants that would rather prepare their own meals or eat off-campus and includes linens.

A limited number of double rate rooms are available only to married couples and those participants staying with a family member (parent, legal guardian or sibling.)

Additional info:

Scholarships are available for Young Artists performers. Scholarships do not cover accommodations, meals, or travel expenses.

Practice rooms with grand pianos are assigned to each performing Young Artists. Active Observers may also have access to these practice rooms. A specific practice schedule will be provided upon arrival. All Young Artists performers will be scheduled for no less than six hours of practice time per day. Upright pianos are also available to everyone, including observers, on a first-come-first-served basis. All practice rooms are open 24 hours a day.


PianoTexas International Academy & Festival
TCU Box 297456
76129 Fort Worth TX, USA
T: +1 817 257 7456
F: +1 817 257 0178
Official website
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PianoTexas International Academy and Festival - Details - Masterclasses | Bakitone

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