Vladimir Ashkenazy:

"I truly welcome the establishment of Bakitone International. I know that this company will provide invaluable help to young music performers, and will assist in developing their talents and in the expansion of their careers."

Yuri Bashmet:

"Bakitone is a fascinating and important resource. There is no question this site and the company deserve our full attention and support. It is a vital tool for young musicians starting their careers."

Viktor Merzhanov:

"Currently, Bakitone International is an unmatched resource for young musicians, to both assist them in finding the perfect competition and help them in their careers. Bakitone also offers tremendous opportunities for smaller competitions to become known on the international music scene. There is no question that Bakitone International has become an integral part of the music world."

Daniel Pollack:

"I highly suggest that young emerging artists discover and explore the opportunities Bakitone provides!"

Tamas Ungar:

"Bakitone is a welcome addition to our ever-increasing demand for information. The myriad opportunities for young artists are only available to those who can find them. The latest information, easily accessed, is an essential tool for serious students planning their further studies, their participation in festivals and preparation for competitions. As they say, "knowledge is power" and Bakitone is a wonderful and reliable source for all in the world of music. I strongly recommend this website to everyone involved in the music profession."

Photo credits: Oleg Nachinkin, Roman Goncharov, Marek Grotowski.
Bakitone International is under the patronage of Vladimir Ashkenazy.
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