About Bakitone International

Bakitone International is currently the only organization that provides up-to-date, quality information on hundreds of national and international classical music competitions for 17 instruments, vocalists, conductors, composers, chamber music groups and ensembles. We offer a worldwide platform for organizations to generate interest in music competitions, as well as master classes and music courses or summer camps, devoted to expand and encourage development of young musicians' talents, artistry and professionalism. Our charter is to bring together music organizations and talented musicians, to strengthen the relationship between competitions and their participants, and to assure long-lasting interest for music competitions in the future.

Through Bakitone International, aspiring musicians can quickly find the right competition to improve their professionalism and artistic abilities. We also encourage emerging artists to promote their careers by advertising their concerts, CDs, and other musical activities on our website absolutely free of charge. Our common goal to help young musicians is shared and supported by Vladimir Ashkenazy, Yuri Bashmet, Tamas Ungar, and Viktor Merzhanov (among other famous musicians).

Founded in 2008, Bakitone International is truly an international network of music lovers and enthusiasts from Russia, Greece, France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, China, Japan, and the USA with offices in Athens and Moscow. Our group of supporting members includes winners of past music competitions, concert performers, teachers, professors, and esteemed jury members, as well as practitioners of law, web design, journalism and marketing, along with volunteers and music enthusiasts. Being unique, innovative, and establishing ties with more music schools and universities every day ensures our partnership with new generations of musicians for years to come.


About Bakitone International

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